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A behind-the-scenes look at the R. John Wright Dolls Design Studio in Bennington, Vermont. Written by R. John Wright, hear in his own words how the creative design process unfolds and how the world-renowned RJW dolls and animal characters are readied for production. 


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A behind-the-scenes look at the R. John Wright Dolls Design Studio in Bennington, Vermont. Written by R. John Wright, hear in his own words how the creative design process unfolds and how the world-renowned RJW dolls and animal characters are readied for production. 

R. John Wright Collector Spotlight with Dave Benn

John Wright

Do you remember your first R. John Wright piece?

The first RJW pieces I had were the Mad Hatter and the March Hare.

What is your favorite thing about collecting?

The thing I guess I like most about collecting is that I get to appreciate them every day and every time I bought a piece it felt like an achievement.

We love that you are drawn to animals. What is it about Peter Rabbit that you love most?

I suppose being English and living in England my affinity with Beatrix Potter is close to the heart matter after visiting the Lake District and her house and the history of Beatrix Potter my love for RJW's Beatrix Potter collection is why I hold them most dear. I love all the animals in the collection.  

Is there something that R. John Wright hasn’t created that would be a dream creation for you?

I would love RJW to produce a Jeremy Fisher but then again I wouldn't as my finances wouldn't permit it lol. 

Snapshots from the amazing RJW collection of Dave Benn.

Snapshots from the amazing RJW collection of Dave Benn.

If ou could ask R. John Wright a question, what would it be?

If ever I met R John Wright I would like to know where his creativeness stemmed from and where he gets his eye for detail from.

FROM R. John Wright: Hi David, thanks for your interest and I loved seeing your RJW collection! The way you have them displayed shows how much you tune into them.
To answer your first question: I think my creativity is a combination of 'nature & nurture.' Even from a very early age I was creative and artistically-inclined. So I think I was gifted in that regard. But the environment I grew up in encouraged that creativity and I think that may actually have been more important than simply having talent. I attended 12 years of Catholic schooling and each school day began with Mass. The church itself was more like a cathedral. It was filled with original art and sculpture I can't help but feel that it had a big impact on me. As a boy I was what they calla 'noticer' — very inquisitive and observant of everything! 

Also, what inspires him and makes him as happy as his pieces make me feel.

From R. John Wright: As you'd expect I find inspiration in a lot of things. I've always loved antique dolls and toys and I am endlessly fascinated with them. Are you familiar with fellow Britain Arthur Rackham? I am fortunate to have a small collection of his marvelous watercolor illustrations and of course, they bring happiness each time I pass by them. It's wonderful to hear that our work brings that kind of joy to others. And when Christmas rolls around we imagine secret gifts of our dolls and animals under many Christmas trees just waiting to be opened!

Also, what are among his favourite pieces that he has produced so far. 

From R. John Wright: The Beatrix Potter pieces are definitely among our favorites of the animal characters we have produced. By the way, we also had the good fortune to visit the Lake District and Beatrix Potter's Hilltop farmhouse. I'm happy to tell you that we will be making more Beatrix Potter characters later this year and among them will be 'Jeremy Fisher.'
Of the dolls which we have made, one of my favorites is the Geppetto and Pinoccho editions made under license with Disney. The more recent Wizard of Oz characters also are favorites with both myself and Susan.
Thanks for sharing your collection with us.
With warm regards,
R. John Wright

Top 5 Favorite RJW Convention Dolls

John Wright

With the 2016 RJW 'A Time to Remember' Convention fast approaching, it got John and Susan Wright thinking about their favorite Convention dolls - so they made a top 5 list! They wanted to mention that "we (and we alone!) have seen this year's convention souvenirs and can confirm that they would shake up our Top 5 List dramatically!"

1. Rebecca - We had long wanted to base a doll on Kate Greenaway's iconic imagery so we were very happy with our very first convention souvenir, Rebecca. From her fancy straw bonnet down to her pretty coral leather slippers the Pièce de résistance was her custom-printed silk shawl with the 'RJW' initials incorporated into the design.









2. Peep & Posey - These are the only chicks we've made but we had the most fun making the large molded eggs to hold them. We've always loved candy containers and we were happy with how these turned out. A memory to savor is 'Easter Bunny' (Rodney Waller) making a special appearance at this delightful breakfast event! 








3. Mary Frances - This darling cabinet-size doll was the event souvenir for the 'Victorian Yuletide' dinner event at our 3rd convention. Everything about the design of this doll fell perfectly in place. We especially loved her bonnet with silk rouching, her fur-trimmed coat and muff, and her dainty leather boots. 








4. Gondolier - This charming mouse was made for the Canals of Venice luncheon in 2012. He was wildly popular with the ladies due to his irresistible handlebar moustache! His straw boater, striped boatneck shirt, and wood oar made him more than seaworthy.







5. Spring - The main convention souvenir was met with a rousing ovation at the final banquet at 2013's RJW Convention. People really responded to this diminutive Miss loaded with charm. Her tiny felt Easter bunny was the perfect final touch to her retro ensemble. Her companions: Summer, Fall, and Winter were all made in the same cabinet size and evoked the 4 Seasons beautifully.

We hope you enjoyed hearing from John and Susan Wright their top 5 RJW Convention Dolls. We have a special Pinterest board for all of the convention dolls that you can follow by clicking here.

It is not too late to register for the upcoming 2016 'A Time to Remember' convention. Come join us as we celebrate four fabulous decades of R. John Wright creations! This exciting event will take place from June 23-25, 2016 at the DESMOND HOTEL AND CONFERENCE CENTER in Albany, New York. Click here or the photo below for the online registration. You may also submit your registration via phone at: 1-802-447-7072.

Grin and “Bear” it! In Praise of Toy Bears and Related Critters

John Wright

Ellen Tsagaris is the resident RJW Design Journal guest blogger. She has collected dolls since she was three years old. She has made dolls, priced dolls, repaired, dressed, and studied dolls and her blogging work can be found on the doll collecting section of and on her personal doll blogs, Doll Museum, and Dr. E's Doll Museum blog. Ellen is a fan and collector of R. John Wright dolls and we were fortunate to have her guest blog for us about the love of bears.

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The R. John Wright Merry Wanderer by Ellen Tsagaris

John Wright

Every time I look at M.I. Hummel’s “The Merry Wanderer”, verses from this song go through my head.  Wandering has always been part of my life; I was born in Europe, in Athens to be precise, and my dad was in the air force and in NATO.  My mother was always travelling, and also lived in Europe during World War II.  She had a fellowship in Mexico, and scholarships to study all over the United States.  

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